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Scottsdale photographer, Rachel Solomon, is a Scottsdale based wedding photographer that offers couples in the Arizona area a top of the line experience in terms of wedding photography. Rachel Solomon specializes in luxury weddings in the Scottsdale and greater Phoenix area.

Rachel Solomon focuses on serving the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding area wedding markets. Are you looking for one of the best wedding photographers in the area? Are you designing and planning an outdoor wedding? Rachel Solomon may be exactly who you are looking for!

Here are some key points that Rachel Solomon believes every newly engaged couple should consider when looking for the best Phoenix wedding photographer, best Scottsdale wedding photographer, and/or best luxury wedding photographer in Scottsdale.


When selecting your luxury Scottsdale wedding photographer you are selecting more than just a photographer for your wedding day. With Rachel Solomon you are hiring a SPECIALIST who will spend the majority of your entire day with you photographing your wedding, spending time with your friends and your family, and capturing every moment that is important to you. Personality is a major factor in the selection process and should not be taken lightly. Her Phoenix film wedding photographer's personality can often set the tone for your entire day, how you as a couple interact, how your bridal party responds, and in some cases how the stress level during your wedding is controlled. Ultimately, if you dislike your wedding photographer's personality, it can have a hugely negative effect on your wedding photography as well as your wedding day altogether. In most cases, you will be establishing a relationship with your wedding photographer over the course of your wedding planning and beyond that should contribute to the love of their personality, making you want to spend more time with them. Surrounding yourself with individuals and vendors whom you love is key to experiencing an amazing wedding day.


When viewing photographs of various luxury Phoenix wedding photographers you should be directly comparing their wedding photography style. Again, are you selecting a wedding photographer based on pricing? Do you love the style in which they photograph? Wedding photography style differs between each wedding photographer. Rachel Solomon thrives off of the elegant wedding day. She is a specialist in photographing luxury outdoor weddings. If you have found a wedding photographer whose personality you love, ask yourself if you love their style as well. Can you imagine decorating your home with their style of wedding photography and looking at it for years and years to come? Not all photographers are the same. Nor do they visualize images and compositions the same way. Most people would not go shopping for home decor to place the most unflattering decorations in their home just because it fit into their budget if it did not compliment their personal taste and/or the rest of the decor in their home. You should feel a personal attachment to the stylistic approach of your wedding photographer and how they interpret a romantic styled setting. At the end of the day, your luxury Scottsdale and Phoenix wedding photographer should be providing you with film wedding photography and artwork that you love and want to show off and/or showcase in your home. Wedding photography style and the personality of your outdoor Scottsdale wedding photographer should always trump price.


On that note, let's talk about pricing. While price and budgeting is always a factor when selecting your wedding photographer or any vendor, there are many other factors that should play into your overall decision beyond just price alone. I hear of many couples who wish they would have selected a top of the line Scottsdale wedding photographer. Whether it's a bridesmaid at a wedding who has seen the wedding photographer that the bride has chosen and can only wish they would have spent a little more to get the best wedding photographer or hearing stories through the grapevine about how much they dislike their wedding photos or don't have any photos to show off as art in their home, it's likely that these couples chose their Scottsdale film wedding photographer solely based on price. This is a choice that comes embedded with too much risk and often becomes a mistake in the end that can not be changed. At the end of the day, when the music fades away, the flowers die, and your budget is spent, the ONE thing you will have to remember all of the moments of your wedding day is your wedding photography. Don't compromise on the only wedding photos that you will be left to look at for the rest of your life.

Rachel Solomon Photography is a Scottsdale wedding photographer based in Phoenix, AZ offering wedding photography in the Phoenix metro area & Scottsdale, AZ for couples planning their luxury wedding.